Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

White Collar Crimes

If you have been charged with any white collar crimes, you need a white collar crime defense attorney with the resources, skill, and experience to guide you through your case with confidence.


If you or a loved one is charged with DUI or DWI in New York, a defense attorney offers your best chance of mitigatin gyour penalties or helping you avoid conviction.

Health Care Fraud Defense

If you are a health professional facing health care fraud charges, Attorney Michael Vitaliano can provide the detail-oriented and responsive defense representation you need.

Racketeering (RICO) Defense

You need defense counsel you can trust when facing racketeering charges or RICO Act prosecution.

Bribery Defense

An experienced bribery defense lawyer can help you navigate the more complex aspects of your case and assist you in dismantling the prosecution’s arguments.

Tax Fraud Defense

Attorney Michael Vitaliano is an experienced tax fraud defense attorney who can provide the legal counsel you need during this challenging case.

Drug Crimes Defense

A drug crimes defense attorney is your best asset if you want to avoid conviction or, at the very least, minimize your sentence.