Staten Island Real Estate Fraud Lawyer

Staten Island Real Estate Fraud Lawyer

Staten Island Real Estate Fraud Attorney

Fraud is a wide area of the legal system. Individuals and companies commit fraud of all kinds in all areas of the world. One of the types of fraud that is increasing in New York City and Staten Island is real estate fraud. This is a niche area of the legal system, but it is important to understand the laws and resources surrounding this topic.

Real estate litigation is difficult and complicated. If you have been accused of committing Staten Island real estate fraud, you need an attorney to represent you. These crimes are serious, and real estate laws call for significant punishments if you are found guilty. Fortunately, an attorney can help you avoid or minimize your charges by arguing your case during your trial.

The Vitaliano Law Firm: Your Staten Island Real Estate Fraud Lawyers

If you have been accused of committing real estate fraud, you need an experienced attorney by your side. Because real estate fraud is a niche area of law, many firms have never worked on these cases. However, the Staten Island attorneys at The Vitaliano Law Firm have many years of experience in real estate law and can help you defend against your fraud case. Our history in this field gives you an advantage in court and allows you to have the best chance of avoiding serious charges.

We approach every client with understanding and compassion. Although the law is strict about these cases, we know that they are often more complicated than people would like to think. You will not receive judgment or prejudice from our office. Rather, we are here to listen to your story and offer you the constitutional right to legal representation. We are strong, experienced attorneys that give you the best chance of winning your case.

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What Is Real Estate Fraud?

As mentioned, real estate fraud is rather niche, and many people do not know what it entails. Real estate fraud occurs when an individual or business provides a home buyer with false information about their purchase and obtains money from the buyer under these false pretenses. This can mean that the individual or agency provided the buyer with inaccurate square footage, false photos of the home, or otherwise took money from them for a home that was not on the market.

Although this sounds like a rare occurrence, real estate fraud happens fairly often. There are several distinct categories of real estate fraud. They are:

  • Value fraud: The seller gives false information about the property’s or home’s value.
  • Mortgage fraud: The seller’s false information resulted in a fraudulent mortgage transaction.
  • Foreclosure fraud: The offending party caused a family to unnecessarily foreclose on their property and leave.
  • Title fraud: The seller falsifies ownership papers, such as the deed of sale, or tries to sell a house that they do not have any right to sell.
  • Syndicator fraud: The offending party gets individuals, families, or companies to contribute money to a false real estate project or venture.

If you have committed one of the above offenses, or are being accused of one of the above offenses, you need a Staten Island fraud lawyer to help you fight your case and maintain your freedom.

Why Do I Need a Staten Island Real Estate Fraud Attorney?

Defending against real estate fraud cases is difficult because most of the offenses are complicated schemes that cannot happen by accident. However, it is entirely possible to be wrongfully accused or to be solely blamed when someone else was involved.

You can eliminate or minimize your punishment by telling the court your side of the story. Unless you have specific experience in real estate fraud law, you will likely be unable to make a valid argument in court. Even many attorneys lack this experience, which means that representing yourself is ill-advised.

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Real Estate Lawyer FAQs

Q: What Constitutes Real Estate Fraud in NY?

A: Real estate fraud in New York is any occasion on which an individual or company obtains money for real estate under false pretenses or because of false information. There are many examples of this. One striking example of real estate fraud is when a real estate agent sells a home that is not for sale, keeps the money for themselves, and provides a false deed.

Q: Does New York Require an Attorney for Real Estate Transactions?

A: No, real estate attorneys are not required for real estate transactions. However, many people do hire their own representation because of the competitive market in New York. This market inspires a high level of real estate fraud, and hiring an attorney is the best way to protect oneself during the buying or renting process.

Q: How Much Do Real Estate Attorneys Charge in New York?

A: Real estate attorneys all charge differently for their services. Your cost will depend upon the type of legal counsel that you require, the length of time it takes to fight your case, and the amount of money in question. A real estate attorney who helps with contract work will charge much differently than a real estate fraud defense attorney, for example.

Q: Can an Attorney Help With Fraud?

A: If you have been a victim of real estate fraud in New York, a real estate attorney can help you seek justice from the person who defrauded you. If you have committed fraud, a real estate fraud defense attorney can help you defend yourself in court and attempt to clear your name. There are attorneys in all areas of law that can help with many different types of fraud.

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At The Vitaliano Law Firm, we understand that a myriad of issues or factors may inspire an individual or business to commit real estate fraud. We also understand that many accusations of real estate fraud are ultimately false. We approach all real estate fraud cases with care and understanding to provide level-headed, reliable legal counsel to individuals and businesses that need it the most.

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