Staten Island Insider Trading Lawyer

Staten Island Insider Trading Lawyer

Staten Island Insider Trading Attorney

Good financial decisions are a key practice for those who want a strong and diverse investment portfolio. Most people rely on financial advisors to help them make the right investment decisions. Though many financial strategies are honest and legal, some are not. Making the right decision at a seemingly opportune time has the potential to lead to accusations of insider trading.

Insider trading is a federal crime, and even the accusation of this offense can ruin your career, reputation, and future. Everything you have worked for depends on your legal representation and ability to properly discredit these accusations. If you are facing insider trading charges or even believe that there is the possibility that you will be charged, you need to find a Staten Island insider trading attorney right away.

The Vitaliano Law Firm: Your Federal Insider Trading Defense Attorneys

Insider trading is a complicated and niche area of the legal system. Many attorneys do not have the training nor the experience to properly argue a case of this complexity. However, attorney Michael Vitaliano has a thorough understanding of this area of the law, offering our clients the best possible insider trading defense representation in Staten Island.

Our firm’s expertise and experience are unmatched, giving you the best chance of defending your case and avoiding charges. We fight ruthlessly for our clients to preserve their work. Do not put everything you have worked for in jeopardy. Meet an insider trading accusation head-on with professional legal services from The Vitaliano Law Firm.

What Is Insider Trading?

Stock exchanges operate by allowing businesses to release information about their profits, budget, and vitality to the public. Investors and stockholders can then make decisions about their shares and investments based on this public information.

All stock exchange trades and decisions need to be made with information that is available to everyone, not just an elite few. However, in some situations, an individual or group may hear confidential information about a business. An individual or group commits insider training if they opt to make financial choices based on that confidential information.

Unfortunately, insider trading laws do not account for coincidence. Many people are lucky enough to make the right decision at the right time without any inside knowledge of how that decision will benefit them. These individuals can still be accused of insider trading, and these accusations can lead to serious punishments.

In other scenarios, a financial planner or business manager may encourage their client to make decisions based on inside knowledge without the client knowing that the information is confidential. Even though the client is acting in good faith and believes they came by their success honorably, they may still be met with accusations of insider trading based on the actions of their associates.

If you have been accused of insider trading for any reason, you need to find an insider trading lawyer right away. The Vitaliano Law Firm is here to help.

Potential Punishments for Insider Trading

Insider trading is a federal crime, and the potential punishments are serious. An individual who is accused of insider trading can face up to $5 million in fines and up to 20 years in federal prison. A business or group that is accused of insider trading faces up to $25 million dollars in fines. The individuals involved in the business or group’s insider trading scheme can also face up to 20 years in federal prison.

These punishments have a drastic impact on those who face them. Those who face insider trading charges need to hire a highly trained and successful attorney to represent them if they hope to avoid the above punishments. Attorney Michael Vitaliano has extensive experience in insider trading defense and is your best option in the Staten Island area.


Q: Is Insider Trading a State or Federal Crime?

A: Insider trading is a federal crime. That means all insider trading cases go through the federal court system rather than the state court system. If a person is convicted of insider trading, they will serve time in a federal prison or penitentiary rather than a state or county jail. Federal crimes are generally considered to be more serious than state crimes and can lead to more consequences than state offenses.

Q: Who Can Go to Jail for Insider Trading?

A: The people who will face punishment for insider trading depend upon the situation. If one individual committed the crime, that person would face all applicable punishments for insider trading. Punishment is given in the form of extreme fines, as well as 20 years in federal prison. If the crime occurred inside a business or organization, all individuals involved could face up to 20 years in prison.

Q: Is Insider Trading a White-Collar Crime?

A: Yes, the law considers insider trading a white-collar crime. These offenses fall under the category of securities and commodities fraud, and fraudulent behavior is a type of white-collar offense. Individuals, families, companies, organizations, groups, and government entities can all be involved in insider trading. White-collar crimes are offenses that are motivated by finances or profits. These crimes are not violent, or at least not directly violent, though they do cause real damage.

Q: What Type of Offense Is Insider Trading?

A: Insider trading is a criminal offense, so the government acts as the prosecution to enforce the law. These offenses fall under white-collar crimes, which is a category of criminal activity that is financially motivated, non-violent, or not directly violent. Insider trading is a federal offense, meaning that those who have been accused will face trial and punishment through federal courts rather than state ones. If found guilty, they may serve time in federal prison.

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