Staten Island Investment Fraud Lawyer

Staten Island Investment Fraud Lawyer

Staten Island Investment Fraud Attorney

Making investments is a great way to grow your wealth and assets in Staten Island, NY. Many people become investors as they gain equity and savings so they can maximize their returns and protect their futures.

If you work as an investment advisor or have the opportunity to help others with their investment journey, you know that it is important to be careful. If a project does not come to fruition, if something falls through, or if the circumstances change, you can easily be accused of committing investment fraud or creating a Ponzi scheme. These are both serious accusations that suggest that you have committed fraudulent behavior in order to take money from others.

Even the accusation of investment fraud can ruin your career. Trusted clients will often find new investors, if theirs has been accused of fraud, to be especially safe with their assets. Do not risk losing your career, future, finances, and lifestyle over investment fraud litigation. You need to hire an investment fraud lawyer at the first sign of trouble.

The Vitaliano Law Firm: The Best Staten Island Investment Fraud Attorneys

For many years, our team has been working with individuals and companies that have been involved in securities fraud claims or accused of Ponzi schemes and other white-collar crimes. We have a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding these industries, as well as how to properly approach and argue a claim against our clients. Our vast experience gives you an advantage in the courtroom and lends additional peace of mind while your future hangs in the balance.

Through our time in the industry, we have seen countless investment fraud cases and accusations. We are confident that we have represented a client like you and that our diverse experience makes your case stronger. Though you may be fearful of what is to come, our team is calm and collected while we develop your defense strategy. We have had practice in this area, so there is no need to worry.

Do not risk an investment fraud charge. Call attorney Michael Vitaliano right away.

What Is Investment Fraud?

Investment fraud is an umbrella term that describes instances where one person tricks another person or business into making a bad investment. The investment may be real, but the information may be false, or the investment may not exist at all. Whatever the circumstances, someone who commits investment fraud convinces others to invest in something that is not real or that will not create the return that they are promising.

Ponzi schemes are an example of a type of investment fraud in New York. In these fraudulent businesses, investors are tricked into putting money into an enterprise that does not exist. The scheme promises fast returns, and usually, these returns are simply payments from those who invest later. Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes are very similar. A Ponzi scheme is like a pyramid scheme in that both rely on the funds of new investors to continue paying earlier investors.

Why Do I Need an Investment Fraud Defense Lawyer?

As mentioned, even the accusation of investment fraud is enough to ruin your career, reputation, financial status, and family. These crimes are serious, and the law nor your clients will extend patience or understanding if you have stolen money. The only way to combat these accusations and preserve everything that you have worked for is by hiring a qualified Staten Island investment fraud defense attorney.

Do not leave this serious situation up to chance. You need to make every possible effort to defend yourself from these charges and avoid punishment. The most important step involves hiring an attorney to represent you. Our team at The Vitaliano Law Firm and attorney Michael Vitaliano are here to help and provide essential legal counsel during this difficult time.


Q: What Should You Do if You Suspect Investment Fraud?

A: Your first step will be to file a police report with your local authorities if you have witnessed investment fraud. A police report can help provide support for any further action that is taken. You should also contact the district attorney’s office as well as your state Attorney General’s office to inform them of what you know. The State Attorney General will have a consumer protection unit, which will help you with any further steps that are necessary.

Q: How Do You Know if an Investment Is Fraudulent?

A: There are a few signs of a fraudulent investment. The first is unsolicited contact from the broker. This individual may reach out randomly via the phone, social media, email, etc. They will also offer significant benefits or repayments that seem sensational. Watch for offers that are “too good to be true,” as they likely are. Finally, if the person seems hard to reach or does not give office and contact information, they are likely a scammer.

Q: Is Defrauding Investors a Crime?

A: Yes. Securities or investment fraud is a serious criminal offense that falls under the category of white-collar crime. White-collar crimes are offenses that have a financial motivation and that are not directly violent, though they may inspire violence or cause serious harm. Fraud of any kind is a federal offense, meaning that those who are accused of committing fraud face their charges in federal court. If found guilty, offenders serve their time in federal prison.

Q: What Do I Do If I’ve Been Accused of Fraud?

A: If you have been accused of committing fraud, you should find an attorney right away. If you try to represent yourself in your case, you will likely lose, leaving you to face the severe penalties that accompany fraud charges. Having an attorney to help build your case is key to preserving your life and freedom. Do not speak with anyone about the situation but refer them to your attorney. Retain all communication surrounding the situation for your attorney.

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Our firm understands how frightening it can be to be accused of committing fraud. Though these offenses have the capacity to ruin your life, they do not have to. With the help of an experienced Staten Island investment fraud attorney, you give yourself the best chance of avoiding punishment and preserving your lifestyle.

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