Staten Island Hit and Run Lawyer

Staten Island Hit and Run Lawyer

Staten Island Hit and Run Attorney

Hit-and-run charges cover any motorist who leaves the scene of an auto accident without providing proper information to other involved people. Hit-and-run accidents in Staten Island often carry civil and criminal liability for the driver who leaves the accident scene.

If you were involved in a hit-and-run, you need a Staten Island hit-and-run lawyer on your side to make sure you handle the case properly and to allow your side of the story to get a chance to shine. The Vitaliano Law Firm can help advocate for you — we’re prepared to do all we can to showcase your defense. Hit and run is a serious crime, and we intend to help you defend yourself.

Why You Can Trust The Vitaliano Law Firm

Founder Michael Vitaliano is an experienced prosecuting attorney in New York City. He has experience working with homicide, burglary, DWI, and sex offenses. Mr. Vitaliano brings that experience to the firm and has a team of attorneys with experience in criminal cases.

At The Vitaliano Law Firm, we’ve received numerous awards for our work. We ranked as one of the top 100 criminal defense attorneys in 2021 and are committed to being advocates for those dealing with the criminal justice system.

What Is a Hit-and-Run Accident?

A hit-and-run accident involves any traffic collision in which one party leaves the scene before they complete all proper procedures. Interestingly, most states do not define “hit-and-run” specifically but outline these incidents differently.

A hit-and-run accident does not have to deal with two motor vehicles colliding. You could be committing a hit-and-run if you hit someone or their property and don’t stop to provide information.

The law obligates drivers to provide correct information after an accident to any affected parties and call the police in some situations. Anyone failing to complete these steps may be liable for hit-and-run prosecution.

Do I Need a Lawyer if I’m Involved in a Hit-and-Run Accident?

After you’re involved in a hit-and-run accident, you will likely have a swarm of emotions flowing through you. You might feel scared, angry, sad, and confused at the same time. There are several pieces of bureaucracy to deal with, and you may not be in a good mental place to handle it.

An experienced lawyer can help you navigate these turbulent times. A lawyer will explain your side of the story. There are a few legal defenses you can use to justify a hit-and-run scenario. However, these justifications are difficult to prove.

No law says you need to involve a lawyer during a hit-and-run claim. However, having an attorney on your side could be the difference between jail time and convincing a jury you are not guilty of the charges. You need someone who understands the laws and can argue for you in court.

It’s incredibly difficult to defend yourself in court, and a judge will expect you to have the same legal knowledge as an attorney. You may as well bring an attorney with you that has that knowledge already. Hit-and-run crimes carry harsh penalties, so you should give yourself the greatest chance to avoid them.

The Defenses of Hit-and-Run in Staten Island

Let’s look at a few instances of defenses for an alleged hit-and-run.

Emergency Response

You do not need to stop after an accident if you are on the way to an emergency. For instance, if you’re rushing to the hospital to get help for an injured person, you may be able to justify a hit-and-run.

Unaware of Damage or Injury

Sometimes you may not notice you damaged or hit anything. If you simply scraped something and didn’t realize it, you may be able to use it as a defense.

Involuntary Intoxication

Sometimes we get intoxicated without even knowing it. Someone may have slipped something into a drink or given us something and lied about it being a drug. If you didn’t know you were intoxicated, you could use it as a defense for a hit-and-run accusation.

Hit & Run Accident FAQs

Q: Can Someone File a Claim Against Me For a Hit-and-Run in NY?

A: Yes, someone can file a claim against you for a hit-and-run in Staten Island. Generally, they can only bring a claim against you as the result of an injury. A claim is easiest to file when they know your identity, though there are ways they can get money if they or the police are unable to identify the other driver.

Q: What Is the Charge For a Hit-and-Run in NY?

A: The penalty for hit-and-run accidents varies wildly depending on the damage. For minor property damage, the offending driver may be on the hook to pay a fine on top of the money to fix the damage. Severe cases involving injury or homicide may result in a criminal conviction with jail time. New York charges drivers who leave the scene of a fatality with a Class D felony.

Q: What Do You Do if You Get Accused of Hit-and-Run in NYC?

A: If someone accuses you of a hit-and-run, you should contact an attorney as soon as you can. Then you need to cooperate with your defense team and provide any evidence that may help them. If you have any extenuating factors that led you to flee the scene, make sure you make them known to the defense team.

Q: How Long After a Car Accident Can You File a Claim in NY?

A: You can file a claim up to three years after an accident. While that is the statute of limitations for legal action, New York law requires you to file an accident report within ten days of the incident. You only need to file a notification if the damage is over $1,000, though you will need a report if you plan to take legal action against the other party.

The Vitaliano Law Firm: Seasoned Hit-and-Run Attorneys

If you were involved in a hit-and-run accident and need someone who can tell your side of the story to the judge, you need a Staten Island hit-and-run lawyer you can trust. Contact us at The Vitaliano Law Firm for a free consultation on your accident. We offer 24/7 service and can assist you through the process.