Staten Island Bench Warrant Lawyer

Staten Island Bench Warrant Lawyer

Staten Island Bench Warrant Attorney

If you’ve recently failed to appear at a scheduled court hearing or have outstanding unpaid legal fees in Staten Island, NY, you may have had a bench warrant issued for your arrest. If you’ve been made aware of a bench warrant in your name, it is important that you seek qualified and skilled legal assistance and resolve the matter as soon as possible. A Staten Island bench warrant lawyer will have the experience necessary to defend your case and fight for your bench warrant to be lifted, if possible.

Because of the nature of bench warrants, it is vital that you take care of the issue right away.

Staten Island Bench Warrant Representation

Michael Vitaliano and his team at The Vitaliano Law Firm are ready to provide personalized and aggressive defense representation to you in your bench warrant case. With extensive courtroom experience representing clients throughout New York City, Michael Vitaliano understands how to leverage the law to pursue the most favorable outcome in your case. Michael Vitaliano and his team can even work to get your bench warrant lifted or your case dismissed.

For experienced, qualified, and skilled attorney services, speak with a member of the team at The Vitaliano Law Firm today and receive a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

What Are Bench Warrants?

A warrant is a legal document obligating law enforcement to arrest someone if found. Warrants are issued by the court or a judge, and they grant law enforcement officers authority to take you into custody. A bench warrant is issued by a judge when the judge believes a person has acted with contempt for the court system by failing to appear for a scheduled court date, violating probation, or failing to pay a legally obligated payment, such as a fine, ticket, or child support.

With bench warrants, unlike typical arrest warrants, you are not being arrested for having allegedly committed a crime but for failing to fulfill a legal obligation. Once issued, they both function fairly the same. Bench warrants do not carry any jail time in themselves, but judges will generally prefer to hold individuals until the trial has concluded to prevent any further absences from delaying proceedings.

What Is Contempt of Court?

Contempt of court is a punishable offense that should absolutely be avoided. A judge will find a person in contempt of court if they fail to meet their legal obligations to appear for a court hearing, neglect to pay a required fee, or otherwise demonstrate a lack of respect for the court system through any behavior.

The penalties for acting in contempt of court are to be taken seriously and can include fines, jail time, and other punitive actions.

Do I Need an Attorney?

If you have an outstanding bench warrant in your name, it is far better to resolve it on your own than to wait for law enforcement to arrest you. However, fighting a bench warrant can be legally challenging. A bench warrant attorney has the experience and qualifications to help you build a strong defense and ensure you receive fair representation in your case.

By seeking to resolve the issue on your own, you will demonstrate to the court judge that you are making efforts to act proactively, which demonstrates responsibility. While this does not guarantee any particular results, it will drastically improve your chances of earning favor with the judge and possibly reducing your penalties.


Q: How Long Do You Stay in Jail for a Bench Warrant in NY?

A: A New York bench warrant could result in several months of jail time or more, depending on your case. Bench warrants themselves do not carry any jail time. Instead, a bench warrant will hold you in jail until the completion of your trial. By turning yourself in, you may only be held until your court date, but waiting to be found by law enforcement will more likely lead to a jail stay through to the conclusion of your trial.

Q: How Long Can You Be Held in Jail Before Seeing a Judge in NYC?

A: In New York City, it is not legal to hold you in jail for an indeterminate amount of time before seeing a judge. In fact, if you’ve been arrested on a misdemeanor offense, you must be arraigned to see a judge within 24 hours. If you’ve been arrested on felony charges, the time limit is 72 hours. If you’ve been arrested on a bench warrant, the time begins upon your arrest and includes weekends and holidays.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Bench Warrant?

A: Provided you have not been issued a no-bail warrant, you can potentially lift a bench warrant issued against you by both paying your full bail and fine amounts and by appearing in court. There is no additional charge or fee for lifting a bench warrant. The bail and fine amounts will vary depending on the particular circumstances of your case. If you are still unable to appear, you may be able to get it lifted if your attorney appears.

Q: Can You Go to Jail for a Bench Warrant?

A: A bench warrant is an order from a judge requiring you to come to court to see the judge, usually due to a previous failure to appear. A bench warrant requires law enforcement to arrest you if discovered and bring you to jail. Ultimately, failing to appear in court or failing to pay required fees can lead to the very real possibility of facing jail time upon your arrest.

Your Staten Island Bench Warrant Lawyer

If you’ve recently been made aware of an outstanding bench warrant in your name, it is imperative that you speak with a qualified legal professional right away to help settle the matter with the court. By working with The Vitaliano Law Firm, you provide yourself the greatest opportunity to resolve your bench warrant and defend your case. Contact our office today to get started with a consultation.