Staten Island Bribery Defense Lawyer

Staten Island Bribery Defense Lawyer


Providing Effective Defense Counsel in Staten Island Bribery Cases

If you are charged with bribery, you could face severe legal penalties on Staten Island, including fines and incarceration. It’s possible to face bribery charges for either accepting a bribe or attempting to bribe another party. Penalties depend on whether a bribery case involves public officials. Attempting to bribe a public official carries a harsher sentence than attempting to bribe a non-public official. Any public official who accepts a bribe could lose their position and face severe criminal prosecution.

Attorney Michael Vitaliano has years of experience as a Staten Island prosecutor and now leverages this prosecutorial experience on behalf of criminal defense clients in the community. For example, if you have been charged with accepting a bribe or attempting to bribe another party, you need defense representation you can trust to guide you through your criminal case proceedings. Attorney Vitaliano offers comprehensive and client-focused defense counsel in every case he accepts.

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Potential Penalties for Bribery Conviction

New York state law assigns strict penalties for bribery offenses. Bribery of a public official could be a Class D, C, or B felony. These offenses pertain to the offering, conferring, or agreement to confer a bribe to a public official. Bribe receiving can also be a Class D, C, or B felony and applies to any public servant who accepts, solicits, or agrees to accept a benefit from another party in exchange for special treatment in their capacity as a public official.

When it comes to both types of bribery, the prosecution has the burden of proving that the benefit in question is conferred to a public servant with the understanding that the public servant will act in their capacity with a vote, action, decision, opinion, judgment, or discretionary exercise as a public servant. However, the prosecution does not need to prove that the public servant followed through with the proposed action.

A felony conviction on bribery charges can incur penalties including tens of thousands of dollars in fines, incarceration for several months to several years, loss of public office positions, and probation for several years. In addition, an individual who holds any professional license, such as a license to practice law or medicine, engages in bribery, it is very likely that they will lose their license to practice, leading to dramatic effects on their career and personal life.

It is also possible to face criminal prosecution for commercial bribery of a non-public official. The charge could be a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the nature of the bribe and the benefit or amount offered with the bribe. A conviction for commercial bribery can also lead to heavy fines and several years of incarceration. If you are charged with any form of bribery, a Staten Island bribery defense attorney is your best asset for proving your innocence or minimizing your sentence.

Bribery Cases and Multiple Charges

It’s common for bribery cases to involve multiple additional criminal charges beyond the bribery charge in question. For example, if someone bribes a public official to provide them with official documentation that provides some benefit, the bribed official could also face falsifying documents or fraud charges. In addition, depending on the nature of the bribery in question, it is also possible for multiple individuals to face prosecution on similar charges.

If you are facing a bribery charge along with additional criminal charges, this is yet another reason to hire an experienced Staten Island bribery defense attorney to handle your case. You need to explore every available defense to avoid the significant penalties that follow conviction on multiple criminal charges. This is especially true for any public official or anyone who holds a position of authority. A bribery charge or any other criminal case can erode public trust in the public office or position of authority accused of criminal behavior. Additionally, the individual charged with bribery will face a significant loss of standing in their community, and it can be challenging for them to rebuild a career after a bribery conviction.

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What to Expect From Your Staten Island Bribery Defense Lawyer

When you face any criminal charge in Staten Island, it is essential to know your rights and due process laws as they pertain to your case. First and foremost is the burden of proof. In any criminal case, the prosecution has the burden of proving the defendant is guilty of the listed charges “beyond a reasonable doubt.” This means the prosecution must submit evidence that clearly shows the defendant committed the crimes in question with no room for reasonable doubt. Prosecutors accomplish this by leveraging physical evidence, witness testimony, and the defendant’s own recorded statements.

Technically, due to the burden of proof resting with the prosecution, a defendant can do nothing and avoid conviction if the prosecution cannot establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. However, simply hoping that the prosecution will not meet their burden of proof is not a sound strategy in any criminal case, especially bribery cases that often involve complex financial questions and government regulations.

Facing any bribery charge can be disastrous for your financial well-being and your reputation, especially if you are a public official accused of accepting a bribe. Therefore, it’s vital to formulate a solid legal defense by exploring every factor that works in your favor. An experienced Staten Island bribery defense lawyer can help you navigate the more complex aspects of your case and assist you in dismantling the prosecution’s arguments.

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It’s vital to work quickly when formulating your defense in the face of bribery charges on Staten Island. While the prosecution has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, it is essential for the defendant and their attorney to gather exculpatory evidence, engage in extensive discovery that can potentially disprove the prosecution’s allegations, and explore all other avenues of defense available to the defendant.

Attorney Michael Vitaliano spent years working as an assistant district attorney in New York, assisting in prosecuting many high-profile criminal cases. He now leverages this experience as a Staten Island bribery defense attorney, helping to ensure his clients’ rights remain protected through every phase of every case he accepts. For example, suppose you are facing bribery charges on Staten Island. In that case, Attorney Vitaliano can provide the comprehensive and responsive defense counsel you need to approach this situation with clarity and understanding of your legal options.

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