Staten Island Embezzlement Lawyer

Staten Island Embezzlement Lawyer

Staten Island Embezzlement Attorney

Criminal activity is a broad area of the legal system, and offenses vary widely. White-collar crimes are a major facet of criminal activity, including all offenses that are non-violent and financially motivated. Embezzlement is a common white-collar crime.

Embezzlement is a serious offense, and the accusation alone is enough to end your career, destroy your reputation, and tear your family apart. There will be further consequences that you will have to face if the law finds you guilty. These punishments are harsh and usually involve steep fines and long prison sentences.

If you have been accused of embezzlement, you need to hire a criminal lawyer right away. Our team at The Vitaliano Law Firm is highly trained in this area. With our help, you can work to clear your name and avoid serious consequences in Staten Island, NY.

Attorney Michael Vitaliano: Your New York City Embezzlement Lawyer

For many years, attorney Michael Vitaliano and the team at The Vitaliano Law Firm have been defending individuals who have been accused of embezzlement. We have a thorough understanding of these offenses and the laws that accompany them. With our help, you have the very best chance of winning your case and avoiding serious embezzlement punishments.

Our embezzlement attorneys work diligently to protect you and your family. Though we have seen hundreds of cases like yours, we are still meticulous about our work. You can trust that we will make every effort to build an airtight case in your favor and help you to clear your name. If there is a chance for you to avoid charges, you can find it at The Vitaliano Law Firm.

What Is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a white-collar crime, a crime that is non-violent and financially motivated. It is a type of fiduciary breach that occurs when an individual misappropriates or misuses finances that have been entrusted to them.

For example, the head accountant who begins to use company money to fund their vacations is committing embezzlement. Additionally, even if the accountant puts the money back, they can still face charges for embezzlement.

Embezzlers may simply take the money, or they may falsify documents that make it seem like there is a legal paper trail for the funds. These types of fraudulent activities are considered embezzlement and are criminal offenses, regardless of the method used to obtain the funds.

Criminal offenses like embezzlement are distinct from civil offenses. In a civil case, one individual or business brings a case against another individual or business. In a criminal case, the government brings the case against an individual or business to enforce the law. In the case of embezzlement, the federal government acts as the prosecution. This means that the defense faces federal charges on their record, as well as time in federal prison if they are found guilty.

Why Do I Need a Staten Island Embezzlement Lawyer?

Embezzlement is a serious offense that can yield serious punishments. Embezzlement is a Class E felony that results in a minimum of three years in prison if the defendant is found guilty. If the defendant embezzles $1 million or more, they face up to 25 years in prison for their crime.

Your best hope for avoiding these punishments is with an experienced attorney. If you represent yourself or try to fight your case alone, you will likely be unable to provide the evidence and arguments necessary to win. You can easily throw your life away by representing yourself, while hiring an attorney may help you to avoid charges altogether. An attorney is necessary for this type of serious charge.

Do not put your lifestyle, finances, and family at risk. Hire a Staten Island embezzlement attorney from The Vitaliano Law Firm if you have been accused of embezzlement.


Q: How Much Does it Cost To Hire a Criminal Lawyer in New York?

A: All criminal attorneys charge differently for their services. Though most charge hourly, the rate will vary depending on the attorney’s experience. The range for a criminal defense attorney’s hourly rate in New York is between $75 and $500 per hour. Always be sure to ask potential attorneys about their fees before you begin to work with them. Otherwise, you can lose your representation and harm your claim.

Q: What Is the Punishment for Embezzlement in New York?

A: The punishment for embezzlement under $1 million is a minimum of 3 years in prison. For embezzlement over $1 million, one can expect to spend up to 25 years in prison. There will also be additional fees and reparations that you may be responsible for. These serious consequences highlight the importance of having an attorney to represent you in court. Legal representation gives you the best chance of avoiding the above consequences.

Q: Is Embezzlement Hard To Prove?

A: The difficulty of proving embezzlement depends on the case and its unique factors. However, as with any criminal offense, the prosecution must prove that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. There will be a jury involved in the claim, and the jury’s decision must be unanimous. This means that the prosecution must provide convincing evidence that a crime was committed for the jury to convict.

Q: What’s the Difference Between Money Laundering and Embezzlement?

A: Embezzlement involves an individual taking money that has been legally obtained and using it for unauthorized and, therefore, illegal purposes. The funds involved in embezzlement are legitimate but are being used for illegal personal purposes. Money laundering involves obtaining money through illegal means, such as black market sales or drug sales, and funneling it through a legal outlet, such as a store or business. Money laundering aims to make the profits look legitimate when they are not.

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